Barry Issac

One of the most versatile and talented artist, producer and songwriter around today, Barry Issac was born in Portland, Jamaica. And it was in Jamaica, listening to the fine singers and players of instruments that the island has incessantly produced over the years that Barry first discovered his love for music. Having moved to England he became an operator & selector of a big sound system and moved in the music circles, often visiting the studios where the best artists would be recording or in the rehearsal rooms. It soon became evident that Barry had a natural ability to sing, so he put together the band “Ras Issac and the Rases’” and performed at various venues all over the UK. A devoted Rastafarian, in 1979 Barry began recording under the name Barry Issachar, and released a number of hits like “Special kind of love”, "One more rub a dub" and many more, which made him a popular artist in various countries where he quickly became known under the name Barry Issac amongst his bredrens as he was born in August.
But Barry went a step further, with the support of his bredrens “Reggae On Top” record label was estabilished, a well chosen name and a statement that reggae music thanks to the continuos input of dedicated artists like Barry, it is and will remain on top. The first Barry Issac album released on the Reggae On Top record label was called “Revolutionary Man”; the album achieved instant recognition and is still sought after in many countries around the world. His latest works include the albums “African News” and “No One Is Safe”, and there is also a good selection of 7” and 12” 45rpm singles like “Get Out”, “African News”, “Zion Children”, “Revelation Time”, “Birthday Song”, “One Of The Emperor Son”, “Problem Time”, “Swell Headed”, “Police In Helicopter” and many more. Proves once more that Barry’s talent has no limits and can master every style from the deep roots to the more easy listening. Over the years he has performed with a variety of artists around the world, Alton Ellis, Culture, Twinkle Brothers, Horace Andy, Turbulence etc, at various venues all over the UK, from the formation of his first band Ras Issac and the Rases, in the early 1970's. Some of the venues where he has worked are Town Hall Wimbledon, London, early 80's, Music Palace (North London), Clissoid Park Festival (1980's), Chat Palace (Hackney), Open The Gates (Stoke Newington, 2009), Central Club (Reading, 1993), Southall Community Centre, London Olympics (Hackney), Hootananny (Brixton, 2010, 2013), Digbeth Hall (Birmingham), Luton Community Centre, and also abroad, 5 shows in Africa (2012), 3 in Gambia, 2 in Senegal, headlining the Ire Vibes Roots Festival (Belgium, 2013), and many more shows over the years and is currently touring all across Europe with his band “Barry Issac and The Royal Kings”. Listen out for sounds from Reggae On Top label and Barry Issac; after more than 30 years continuous service to the music industry and well beyond the millennium! Blessed love!!!

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